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September 13th: Part Two

The majority of wedding receptions incorporate the classic traditions like cutting of the cake, the toast, garter and bouquet toss, etc. Just because these are classic traditions it doesn’t mean they can’t be tweaked to have your special touch. Here are a few of our special touches!
Entrance Point: I forgot to mention this earlier but as guests arrive it’s nice to have something there to greet them. We had pictures of Matt and I from childhood to current time and our engagement pictures. Last but not least, one of my favorite shows is the Golden Girls…you heard me right!! 🙂 So I had the shows theme song “Thank you for being a friend” playing as guests arrived.


Matt’s sister Emily 🙂 at our welcome table
Reception Entertainment: You may be asking yourself “Are those clowns?” Yes they are! Since we were going to have so many kids at our wedding I wanted to make sure it was fun for them. There was a lot of yard and room for them to play 🙂 Needless to say they were a big hit. The kids were also served hot dogs with mac and cheese.
Sparkles and Sheriff Rich ready to party.


The Menu: I wanted there to be multiple choices but not a classic buffet. So we went with Stations: Italian, Mexican, Tri Tip and Salad Station.
The Cake: A teacher from our Bible College made wedding cakes on the side, we asked her to make ours. It was so personal and we were so happy with how it turned out! She was also Matt’s children Pastor when he was a little guy.


Grooms Cake
First Dance: Classic and so romantic Song: At Last by Etta James
Mr & Mrs Matthew Boddorf
Thanks for traveling down memory lane with me. Hopefully some of these ideas help you plan your Simply Smashing Wedding.
Happy Planning,

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