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Summer Reading List

One of my goals this year was to read more so I thought by posting a summer reading list it would help me stay encouraged to keep reading. I am guilty of starting books and never finishing them. I am determined to stop doing that, so here it is my summer reading list!! 
The Kitchen House: This was recommended by one of my favorite bloggers Emily over at Jones Design Company . That is pretty much all I am going on. Plus the explanation sounds really interesting. 

Jane Eyre: I picked this up for a quarter at a garage sale and have always wanted to read it. For that price how could I pass it up. I finished it and loved every second. It was a bit of a challenge because of the old fashioned language but I made it through…ha 

Battlefield of the Mind: This is my first Joyce Meyer book and I am really loving it. She is honest, to the point and talks about her own personal experiences, a powerful read for anyone. 

Start: A friend of mine is reading this she heard about it on Dave Ramsey’s radio show so I know it is going to be great. The cover says it all “Punch fear in the face, escape average, do work that matters. 

Pretense: I have read a few Lori Wick books before and I found this book at the same garage sale I got Jane Eyre. It’s about two sisters, forgiveness and the bonds of family. Sounds like the perfect makings of a Christian fiction novel 🙂 

Pride & Prejudice: Another classic that I can’t remember the last time I read probably in high school. There is something about these classics I can’t get enough of. 

Anonymous: This book is amazing!! I started it awhile ago and put it down because it was a little more than I could handle at the moment. I am determined to finish it this summer. Here is the premise of the book:
We all experience times of hiddenness, when our potential is unseen and our abilities unapplauded. This book redeems those times by reminding us that though we often want to rush through these anonymous seasons of the soul, they hold enormous power to cultivate character traits that cannot be developed any other way!

There you have it my summer reading list. What are you reading this summer? 

xo Ash 

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