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diy headboard

This is my dream headboard setup. Isn’t she beautiful?!! The Allegro at Costco  is around $629 for the whole set. Not a terrible deal but also not in the budget as a necessity these days.
 Allegro Cream Queen Headboard
However, I was tired of not having any headboard at all so I decided we should just make one…well that Matt should make one and that is just what he did. 
I have seen these diy headboards on pinterest for awhile now so we checked out some other bloggers, what they used and how they made theirs and Matt went to work. 
We used Mary over at Because I Like To Decorate  DIY Rustic Headboard Tutorial as a template. We even emailed her with a few questions and she was so nice and super quick to get back to us!! Check out her site!! She has awesome posts and ideas. 
This is my absolute favorite stain!! The color is perfect.
Matt purchased two 10 foot long pine boards. He cut them in half to make 4 then sanded and stained them.  
He applied two coats of stain. Wiping the excess off after it was applied. 

Here’s the second coat. 
We couldn’t decided on how we wanted to attach the boards to the wall. I didn’t want screws showing and Matt didn’t want there to be a gap between the boards and the wall. He found a different solution…command strips, it’s true. They didn’t hold at first but he applied a few extra strips and so far so good…The bottom board is the only one screwed into the wall. 
A friend of ours checked it out and said it’s only a matter of time until they fall on your head. He did give us a few ideas on how to achieve a seamless look while ensuring they don’t fall while we’re sleeping. We’ll probably be fixing it soon. But for now it works and I love my budget friendly headboard!! 
Here is the completed project! 

The End 

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