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10 favorite fall decorations

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the clothes, the weather the pumpkin everything and the decorating. 
I thought I would share a few of my favorite fall decorations with you that add character and style without breaking the bank. Most of them I have made but there are others that I have had for years that I love just as much. Most of my home decor comes from the clearance section (after season sales are my favorite), thrift stores, garage sales or diy!
Let’s get started!
1) the frame: Natural decor is so fun in the fall and I try to incorporate a lot of different textures and colors. This shelf above our TV serves as our mantle. I use this frame at events to display pictures, quotes or place cards and now I can add leaves to the list. I picked leaves outside last Sunday and viola a beautiful, natural and inexpensive focal point. 
2) tree slices: I have a ton of these, doesn’t everybody?! I needed height on the left side and the tree slice was a great way to get the height without it looking weird or out of place. 
Of course the pumpkins are adorable and less than $1.00. 
3) corn stalk bouquet: This was from my failed porch display, which I am still mad about. But I am happy I was able to salvage some of it! 

4) Free printable found on Pinterest! Here is the link 
5) book pumpkin: This was a super fun diy I just finished up today. Here is the tutorial that helped me diy paper book pumpkin
6) thankful,grateful, blessed sign: I usually have this sign up all year but it is especially fitting this time of year. You can order your very own here in my Etsy  shop (forgive the obvious self promotion but I couldn’t resist) ha
7) glitter pumpkins: I made these last year. A little messy but still love them. 
8) table centerpiece: I bought these acorns on amazon and again went leaf picking and got this beautiful red leaf to tie around the candle. Silver dish was $1.00 at the goodwill and pumpkins were .79 cents at Safeway! 
9) chalk paint pumpkin: adorable and easy diy. Only thing  its not easy to write on. 
10) the great outdoors: Here is some more of my fall porch display decor that I was able to save. 
Thanks for stopping by! What is some of your favorite fall decor?  

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