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Christmas Season Cooking

I forgot to take pictures of my food, boo so here’s one of Matt and I instead. 
We love to eat around our house, and what better time is there than the holidays. Here are some of my favorite dishes we had this past Christmas season.
This breakfast bake is delicious and so easy!! I made it for breakfast at one of our family Christmas celebrations. We also had it on Thanksgiving morning.
Gluten Free Apple Crisp

This dessert I made for a birthday party right after Christmas. I would probably of put a little less maple syrup in since it was sweet enough. 
Next up are several recipes from Laura Vitale. I am in love with everything she cooks, actually I’m kinda in love with her too haha. She is one of those beauties that does it all. She has so many You Tube channels it’s hard to keep track and was recently picked up by the Cooking Channel. 
Here are the Laura in the Kitchen recipes I made! 
Really good for company or a cold winter day. Let the chicken marinate in the spices as long as you can. 
These are amazing! Bad news is I overcooked them. Good news though an overcooked cinnamon roll is still a cinnamon roll and we ate them, ha! 
These are good all year long. Next up I’m going to try some lemon crinkles. 
 Happy Cooking!! 

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