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Sparkle Women’s Retreat

Heritage Church just hosted their annual Women’s Retreat. This year the theme was “Sparkle”. It was a great weekend spent in South Lake Tahoe. 
The Entrance 
I think this was my favorite retreat when it came to decor. Our vision was gold and glitter. I did gold dots on one wall in my daughter Lily’s room and I thought this would be the perfect wow factor for the main wall where we met. 
Isn’t it awesome!! We used the circle cutter from creative memories, peeled and stuck them on the wall. The clean up takes no time at all and it doesn’t leave any residue on the walls. 
For the centerpieces I painted and glittered terra cotta pots from ikea. I also got the most perfect faux house plant ever created to go in them (if you don’t have any yet, go buy now :). Along with the pots I printed and framed 7 different quotes with the theme sparkle. Every year we like to raffle off the centerpieces so some lucky ladies took them home. 

Even the bathroom had polka dots 🙂 

There are two things we brought back this year. The accessory sale and the words of affirmation envelopes. 

Accessory Sale: we have women donate any accessories they aren’t using anymore sell them at retreat and all the proceeds go to help women’s ministry. 
Words of Affirmation: Everyone writes something encouraging or a trait they see in another woman that they admire and put it in their envelope. It is uplifting and so encouraging to read these at the end of the weekend. 


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