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Secrets from a Stylist: Part One

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to shop including but not limited to clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry oh and makeup, I knew I almost forgot something. Even though I feel like I have a good handle on my personal style and how to shop for my body type when I need help or have questions with styling I turn to my sis in law Kate. She has been in the fashion industry for over 10 years and let me tell you she knows her stuff.

First of she will make you feel like a million dollars just being around her. Her authenticity and love for life shines bright. And she will also leave you wondering how you can dress as good as she does.  Her style is unlike any other. I thought it would be fun to get her take on some common style questions. I enlisted some of my friends and asked them what their style questions were? So here we go, hope you enjoy!

Q: How often should you clean out your closet and get rid of things? 


A: I give my closet a good detox twice a year. Spring in March and Fall in September.

 In September, when its time for my “fall detox” I take everything out of my closet that is truly spring (meaning I know I would not wear it in the months of Sept-Feb. These items are true tank tops, light weight dresses, bright florals, light colors etc) they are removed and placed on my bed. I go through every piece and if I either haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, or it looks “worn and dirty” it goes in the donate (or selling) pile. Any spring pieces that received a lot of use, and I know I will wear again next spring, I keep… but they don’t go back in my closet just yet.

The secret to seasonal success: I keep a big long tub under my bed of my “seasonal” clothes; so come September I bust it out and it reveals all my “fall” items I’ve kept hidden away for the last 6 months. Its fun to bring them out because it feels like a new round of shopping as I pull some of my favorite pieces. The other benefit of not seeing these items for the last 6 months (besides having more space in your closet) is you pull out some pieces that you know its time to get rid of (i.e. I don’t even like that, that is SO last year I would never wear that now). I also create a donate/sell pile for these unwanted fall items as well.

 The styles I want to keep find a new home in my closet, and my seasonal spring pieces that need a rest go into the tub, out of sight under my bed until next spring when I do it all again. Its something that takes a few hours, so plan it on a day either with your best friend (who can be moral support) or pour lots of coffee with your favorite tunes and zero distractions and get it done (hire a baby sitter or ask someone to watch your kids and treat yourself!) you will feel clean, organized and accomplish: like you went on a shopping trip, yet you didn’t spend a penny on new clothes.
Q: How do you decide what to get rid of? (I like to horde) 
A: If I haven’t worn it in 6 months, its OUT and I will sell it or give it to a friend. if it doesn’t fit me correctly (and alterations can’t do anything about it) or if it looks worn I donate it.

 Q:  Whats hot for winter?

A: For fall, the 70’s still guide us. But there’s so many variations! its not about looking like a flower child, its more about channeling the textures and colors of the 70’s. Think suede, camel, earthy tones. The best way to incorporate this trend is maybe getting a faux suede handbag, or a suede pair of boots. Switch out your bright florals for earth tone color blocking.
How much did you love that? First of all that picture of the coats are all Kate’s!! Are you all drooling, like I am? I hope you enjoyed Secrets from a Stylist: Stay tuned for Part Two next week!

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    October 4, 2016 at 1:29 am

    Love it!! Can’t wait for more!!! I’m so buying a tub for under my bed lol!!

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