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Secrets from a Stylist: Part Two


Hey Everyone, Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed the first Q & A with my Stylist Sis in Law Kate. How many of you went out and got a storage bin for under your bed? It seriously is the best way to organize your seasonal clothes.

The rest of these questions are geared towards specific styles and it will really help if you know your body type. Here is a great quiz I found that will help you figure out what your body type is Shop Your Shape. If you haven’t done this I really recommend it. It is so liberating to know what shape you are and then own it! Seriously shopping will be so much better because you know what flatters you. Fyi I am a pear 🙂

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Q: What are your top 5 practical wardrobe essentials for everyday wear.
A: For the fall:
-black skinnies
-flat ankle boots (blk brown or grey)
-over-sized v-neck tee-shirt (white blk or grey)
-a leather (or textured) jacket (any color you want!)
-a short necklace, simple cuff, with a statement ring
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Q: How do you wear a light jean men’s dress shirt?
A: I like to call this a chambray shirt! and I try to wear it differently every time
For the fall, my favorite way to wear it is open, over a loose tank, with skinny jeans and flat ankle boots. It can also be more feminine paired with a fall floral, or more 70’s tucked into something high waisted.
Q: What’s the best way to wear a long vest?
A: It depends on your body type! If you’re petite, pair it with heels (heeled booties preferably). You don’t want it to overwhelm you, you want it to elongate you. If you’re an hourglass, don’t be afraid to belt it; if you’re a pear, wear it sleeveless in the transition months so we can obsess over your great arms and shoulders, and if you’re a rectangle, you can wear it however you want because its perfect for you (but skinnies and flat boots would be perfect)
Q: What are some flattering outfits for hippier girls?
A: I call the “hippier” girls a pear. Lauren Conrad is a great example of a true pear shape. Pears should always show their waist. Belts are your best friend; Don’t be afraid of high waisted bottoms as long as you put them with heels.
must haves: A-line Dresses, flare denim, strong shoulder blazers, flowy maxi dresses and skirts, nude heels to elongate your legs, heeled ankle boots that fit loosely around the ankle.
Avoid: shirt dresses, excess material from hips, fitted tops hitting at hips and boxy cuts that do not accent your waist.
Q: What jean recommendations do you have for women with curves that are still stylish?
A: Best brands I’ve found that fit well (this list also goes in order from low to high price points):
Kut from the Kloth
Blnck NYC
Cheap Monday
J Brand
Mother Denim
I hope you all enjoyed this interview! Thank you so much Kate for taking the time and sharing your secrets with us.

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