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Anyone who knows Matt and I knows we love anything having to do with Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University. We have taken the class Uuuummm a few times and learned something new each time. We recently paid off all our debt and don’t have any credit cards…well accept one. For years now we have been trying our best to live out the principals we learned in Financial Peace but I can’t help but feel I have been a hypocrite. It’s kind of my dirty little secret. I have a Nordstrom card (Ahhh) glorious, wonderful Nordstrom. I’ve had it for 14 years that’s longer than I’ve been married people!! I have never had more than a $200.00 balance on it and always paid it off right away or pretty quickly (excuses, excuses). Seriously, I have gone years without using it. Now that we paid off our other debts Matt mentioned this Nordstrom card and how silly it is that I still have it. I have always justified why I should keep it. Here are a few of my desperate justifications, “What if I find something I can’t live without it and don’t have the cash”, “I don’t want to miss a deal, there’s only one”, “I like having it, I’ve had it for so long” and “I have self control, I don’t have to use it” and Matt’s personal favorite is “I want the points” (ha) we always go round and round with that one.

This little card has had a crazy hold on me but I’m finally ready to give it up. Something else has been pestering me about this card. It’s hard to put into words but basically for me having this card shows my lack of faith. That God isn’t always looking out for me, or that He won’t provide for me. He doesn’t want me borrowing money just to have the latest trend or some really adorable ankle boots. It shows that I am not trusting God. It’s like I have this security blanket (not really) to help get me things I want not that I need. Oh and not to mention I’m using money I don’t currently have to get it.

It’s easy to say all this to myself and then do nothing about it but it’s another thing to let all of you know my secret so it’s no longer a secret. For me this is a spiritual issue more than anything. As of today even though I feel silly saying it I’m trusting God to supply me with all of my fashion needs and wants with cash not credit.

Here it is all cut up in little pieces. And for those of you out there that know a cut up card isn’t all that needs to be done, I actually called and cancelled my account. For those newbs even if you don’t have your actual card on you they  can look up your account in the store so I have taken that temptation away all together.


Is there anyone else out there that feels me? I mean am I the only one holding onto a somewhat harmless credit card? I guess it feels good that it’s finally out of my life. The idea of it feels good but we’ll see the next time I wander into the Rack how it feels. I guess I’ll just make sure to take my shopping envelope with me. 🙂

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