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Happy Thanksgiving month!! This is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it, the meaning, weather, food, fashion and decorations. In honor of Thanksgiving I am planning something exciting and a little nerve wracking. I have seen others do this through the years, I have always wanted to but never really committed to it. It’s similar to giving up something for Lent which is what I have done before, but this I have never done leading up to Thanksgiving.

I couldn’t think up a cool catchy name for it so I’m calling it “Living With Less”. I am not going to be buying anything for the whole month of November! Only necessities food, toiletries (sephora and ulta don’t count as necessities) Que Matt’s sigh of relief and Targets sigh of disgust ha. All those women out there understand what I’m talking about, us women keep target in business, that dollar section is everything, right?!

With the recent destruction of my Nordstrom card see my previous post Plastic Surgery. I thought this was a great next step in my faith walk in understanding that God is my provider. I have more than I could ever ask for, a beautiful family, clothes, shoes, home goods but I still buy things even though I don’t really need them. There is a satisfaction or a rush that comes with buying something. Does anyone else get that? I guess that’s our culture right, it is constantly trying to get us to buy the next best thing. I remember so clearly a story from a study we did once from Crown Financial Ministries. Here is the excerpt from Biblical Financial Study it’s in the debt section and is titled Be Content with What You Have:

“The advertising industry uses powerful methods to get consumers to buy. Frequently the message is intended to create discontentment with what we have. An example is the American company that opened a new plant in Central America because the labor was relatively inexpensive. Everything went well until the villagers received their first paycheck; afterward they did not return to work. Several days later, the manager went down to the village chief to determine the cause of this problem, and the chief responded, “Why should we work? We already have everything we need.” The plant stood idle for two months until someone came up with the idea of sending a mail-order catalog to every villager. There has not been an employment problem since!”

Isn’t this story amazing! I want to be as content as those villagers were after their first paycheck. I always think of this story when I’m looking in magazines or scrolling through Instagram and see all the “shop my feed” pictures. I find myself thinking “Well that’s adorable I need that!” The more TV we watch the more social media we are on the more stuff we buy. Because of this I have slowly began unsubscribing to all the stores I get emails from. I tell Matt I’m going to get a restraining order against Old Navy because it feels like they are stalking me, funny not funny. So far I have unsubscribed from Old Navy, Target, Ulta, Sephora and The Rack. I think this will really help me in this month of “Living With Less”. Even though this is probably the hardest month to do this I am so glad I am. I have felt my spending get a little out of control lately and I am hoping this resets my priorities. Has anyone else gone on a spending freeze? How has it worked for you? Tell me all about it?


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    Caity Sue Treadwell
    October 17, 2017 at 11:38 am

    I had to put myself on a spending moratorium. No more crafting supplies! I have more than I’ll ever need, and now that I have to purge and pack up that room, I wish I had done it years earlier. It’s been 3 years and I still have so much! Good for you!

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