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DIY Snowman Door Decor

Merry Christmas! Every year I say I can’t believe it’s Christmas time and here I go again. I can’t believe it’s Christmas time. I am extra excited about Christmas this year because Lily is excited about it. She is 22 months old and notices everything. It’s so fun watching her little face light up and get excited about the holiday.

Today I have a fun little DIY for you especially if you have littles in the house. I have seen this on Pinterest and decided I would make one for our house. I decided to laminate all the pieces so they last through the years. It’s really affordable and easy so here we go.

Here’s what you will need!

-Black and orange construction paper

-Circle Cutters or a cup works great

-Ribbon or paper for scarf

-Tape and museum putty (I used the museum putty to attach all the snowman pieces to the door)

I bought these circle cutters from Creative Memories years ago and am so happy I did. I use them all the time.


This ribbon is amazing!! It’s like a real scarf and it was 60% off which makes it even better.



Future snowman 🙂




It was done in less than a 30 minutes. My favorite kind of craft easy and cheap.

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