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Not Showing but Still Glowing: Adoption Update

Hey everyone, I wanted to give you an update on our current adoption status. At the end of March we flew down and met with a new birth mom in Southern California. Let me just start by saying we were up for 21 hours, we had the first flight out that morning and the last flight that night….It was a great day but the longest ever!!! And we missed Lily terribly 🙁 It’s so crazy how things work out. I’m…

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Easter Brunch 2017

Last week Matt and I hosted a Easter Brunch at our place for all our families. We planned on having it outside in our patio area but it was just too wet. So we moved the party indoors. If you didn’t know we live at a Christian Campground run by my brother in law. It is a beautiful 40 acres that includes an industrial kitchen and dinning hall. Since our house is on the smaller side it makes it soooo…

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