My Sister in Law Emily is having her first baby, a little boy! A couple weeks ago I co hosted her shower with my other sister in law Kate. We had it at a fantastic restaurant. If you are in the Sacramento area check out Cafeteria 15l. Make sure you get the Truffle Tater Tots.

My inspiration was The Giving Tree, Emily’s favorite children’s book.

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 Invitation: The shop I ordered these from was amazing! She created a diaper raffle card for me and these advice cards. She was quick and professional.










Each guest went home with a tree


Auntie’s Ashley and Kate with the guest of honor. We can not wait to meet this little guy!



The Giving Tree 

Giving Tree Cake: My amazing talented friend Ashley

Giving Tree Wood Sign


Succulents/Home Depot

Tree Sappling Favors

Invitation, Diaper Raffle Cards, Advice Cards

 This last weekend we had our annual women’s retreat this year the theme was “Rise Up” based on the Ezra 10:4. The color palette was purple, gold and grey. I have always wanted to make paper flowers and this seemed like the perfect time to go for it. I headed to Pinterest to see if I could find a template. It didn’t take long for me to realize no one is really sharing those templates for free so I found this awesome shop Avanti Morocha DIYs on Etsy and bought her templates, her logo is “Craftiness is Happiness” isn’t that cute?! For $40.00 I got templates of 5 different flowers with 3 sizes in each flower. She has the best video tutorials that made the flowers so easy to make.

First of all look at the car! This is the most packed we have ever had it. I’m so thankful for my sis in law Cori, she is the best helper, she can cut some amazing leaves and can pack a car like a boss 🙂


I have dozens of fence boards so that is what I used to hang the flowers. My brother in law set up kickstands in the back so the boards stood up perfectly. And last but not least the Rise Up sign. Isn’t it beautiful?! Lets just take a moment to look at it…sigh. My amazing husband cut that out of sign foam on his CNC Router for me. He nailed in on the font too. I spray painted it gold and voila.


I really wanted to incorporate lanterns into the room and Ikea had the perfect lanterns at the perfect price.

img_9718 img_9716



The three large flowers are hung with a command hook but the rest I used a glue gun. The command hooks and velcro were not working.

Here was the view from our meeting room, just stunning!


I was so excited to show you the backdrop. Here is the rest of the decor.

The entrance



The bathroom always gets some love!


The food table had a large frame with paper flowers and a “Be Brave” sign I found on Pick Your Plum. I used the same lanterns as the front. I tried to mirror the front and back of the room. I feel like that just makes everything flow so nicely.




Table centerpieces were pretty basic. Wood slices, burlap and masons with purple and white flowers.


Everyone had this printable waiting at their seat!


Some fun little accents through out the room.



We have have offered these encouragement boards for the last several years and the ladies love them. They are organized by condo. Everyone gets an envelope and slips of paper. The hope is that each woman gets her envelope filled up with encouragement and lots of love!


During our free time on Friday a few of us went on a hike. Here is Emerald Bay behind us. We stumbled upon this gorgeous hike and found a little treasure called Eagle Lake. I got a new lens for my camera so I was really feeling the photographer in me 🙂




Thanks so much for stopping by!

Heritage Church just hosted their annual Women’s Retreat. This year the theme was “Sparkle”. It was a great weekend spent in South Lake Tahoe. 
The Entrance 
I think this was my favorite retreat when it came to decor. Our vision was gold and glitter. I did gold dots on one wall in my daughter Lily’s room and I thought this would be the perfect wow factor for the main wall where we met. 
Isn’t it awesome!! We used the circle cutter from creative memories, peeled and stuck them on the wall. The clean up takes no time at all and it doesn’t leave any residue on the walls. 
For the centerpieces I painted and glittered terra cotta pots from ikea. I also got the most perfect faux house plant ever created to go in them (if you don’t have any yet, go buy now :). Along with the pots I printed and framed 7 different quotes with the theme sparkle. Every year we like to raffle off the centerpieces so some lucky ladies took them home. 

Even the bathroom had polka dots 🙂 

There are two things we brought back this year. The accessory sale and the words of affirmation envelopes. 

Accessory Sale: we have women donate any accessories they aren’t using anymore sell them at retreat and all the proceeds go to help women’s ministry. 
Words of Affirmation: Everyone writes something encouraging or a trait they see in another woman that they admire and put it in their envelope. It is uplifting and so encouraging to read these at the end of the weekend. 


Even though this post is way overdue I still wanted to share some highlights from our annual Ladies Christmas Coffee and Dessert night at Heritage Church.
 I went back to hosting a table after taking a break for a few years. I had so much fun with my table and didn’t realize how much I missed hosting.
Here’s the rundown of my table decor:
Runner- blanket scarf from target
Centerpiece- wood slices from camp.
Chargers- from goodwill painted with the chalkboard paint
Vintage water goblets also from the goodwill
Everyone at my table got this framed printable from
Jones Design Company 
Dessert Buffet



This chalkboard was a dresser mirror. I took the mirror out and Matt cut a piece of pre-chalked mdf to fit in the cutout.  Did you know that Home Depot sells sheets of chalkboard?! It is one of the best inventions ever!! He used some car clamps to hold the mirror in place. I love that guy!




Drink Buffet

Hope everyone had a great Christmas season!!


A couple weeks ago we set off to Lake Tahoe for our annual Women’s Retreat. Our theme this year was based on an adorable book Celebrate You: sharing the beauty of your story.
 Celebrating You: And The Beautiful Person You Are

Gold spray painted cans embellished with ribbons held the centerpiece plants. 
Pennant flags with the retreat logo and pom poms were an added touch. 

Baby’s breath are one of my favorite flower to decorate with. One bunch goes a long way, it matches all styles and it’s affordable! 

I love adding in extra details to event decor, framed scriptures, chalkboards, bud vases, lamps, potted plants, runners and linens!

Stunning views, right outside our meeting room. 

xo ash