Matt and I were in Tahoe this last weekend for his birthday. Most of the nights he played in the WSOP tournaments but one night he took a break and we had a great date night. 
I recently picked up this adorable floral romper at target for get ready…$13.97 yes folks its true! I have never rocked a romper quite like this but I didn’t want to loose money on the deal, ha! It’s fun and different and since I’ve been trying to think outside the box with my fall/winter fashion this was the perfect out of the box piece. 


And here is the face I wanted to make the whole time, it was 40 degrees out, I was a little cold!!!
Xhliration Floral Romper  (50% off in store)
Sam Edelman Booties (At the Rack half off)
Earrings gift!
Here’s to trying something new this season! 


Have you seen the OOTD hashtags, fashion blogs, instagram pictures, tweets, facebook posts, pinterest pictures? (side note: I had to google what ootd was last year and yes I did feel old…it stands for outfit of the day for those who still don’t know haha.) 
With all of the social media so many of us are involved with today it’s easy to get caught in a comparison trap but things aren’t always as we make them out to be.
I have shared some of my recipe fails before, not all of them because that would just be embarrassing, haha, but I am still learning this world of social media, blogging and sharing about who I am and the things I enjoy. Essentially, that’s what blogging is all about, sharing your life with the reader.
Well this brings me to my first outfit blog. I have all sorts of outfit posts in mind but moving them from my head to the blog isn’t quite as easy as I had imagined.
 It didn’t go quite like I thought it would. 
Matt and I went to see one of our favorite comedians last weekend and I thought it would be cool to blog what I wore and give some sources. My plan was to take the pictures outside the building and then I thought there’s a parking garage, why not take some shots in the garage. It will feel urban and cool. Well they didn’t look cool and most certainly didn’t look urban. Here are the two Matt took and then I called the shoot off 🙂 

I love this shirt from BB Dakota but not sure why I picked a  white shirt in a primarily white background. Really the only time I can wear white is July through August when I am tan. 
Any other time it looks like I have the flu…I’ve been asked if I was sick before while wearing white.:/
Doesn’t this shot scream urban?! Oh boy 
News Anchor head shot 🙂
 Top BB Dakota (spring 2014)
Jeans High Waisted Levi’s outlet. They are amazing!! Go buy now! You can’t even see them ha
 Necklace: Urban Outfitters clearance $5.00 I know amazing. UO has great clearance 

Well hope you enjoyed my rambling and unfortunate first what I wore blog. I’m hoping the next one turns out better. 

Thanks for stopping by!  


I’m beginning to think I have a problem. Lately I have been obsessed with stripes, specifically black and white. It is such a clean classic combo. Here are a few items I’ve picked up. 

Eivor Throw Ikea 
Here it is on our couch.

Bathroom Rug from TJMaxx for $12.99. There is a similar one at Crate and Barrel for $89!!! I love getting a good deal. 

I stopped by the mall this last weekend and picked up these  gems at forever 21. I know they are really similar but I couldn’t pass them up for the price…I didn’t want to loose money on the deal ha. With fall weather coming I can’t wait to pair them with a chunky necklace and classic blazer, oh my favorite ankle boots. 

Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend!